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"How can I track websites an employee has gone to? We have an employee we suspect of abusing computer privileges on the business computers. However, the internet history is mysterious blank after their shift ends.Obviously, they're clearing the internet history. Now, I want a way around that - I know it's possible, I just would like some suggestions on the best method and/or software to use."

 "How do i track idle time of employee on computer? i want to track how many minutes each user worked and how many minutes they were idle on there any keylogger software?".

 "How do i monitor employees computer. i got a laptop and i want to connect to them to see what they are doing. please give me a program that is not trail version i want a version i can use whenever"

 If you want to develop your business and increase work productivity of your employees, you should use innovative tools, which help achieve your goals quickly and effectively. Knowing what happens in your office is crucial if you want to be sure your employees are performing their duties professionally and honestly. If you want to keep track of the daily employees’ activity you should consider getting employee monitoring software. This software will not only help tracking employees activities, it will also make business management smoother and more efficient.

 While looking at the employees you are not able to tell who is working and who is browsing the Internet, chatting with friends or playing online games. Once you install keylogger software you will find answers to all these questions and will also get lots of other important information.

 People are different. Some are dedicated to their job and give all their knowledge, energy and time for performing their duties, whiles other chat with friends, visit online stores and social websites or watch videos. People may get the same salary while the amount if work they complete during the day is not equal. Unfortunately, you are not able to say who is not doing the job properly unless you are standing right behind the cheater.

 Companies need to make sure they remain moral in utilizing techniques for monitoring employees. From an ethical point of view, the employee does not give up all of his or her privacy while they are in their work environment. Privacy can become a moral matter, but it is important to know what the employee and employer rights are. The ethical challenge that companies face involves protecting their interests through computer monitoring while ensuring they don't go so far that employees lose all sense of privacy in the workplace.