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NA6 Advanced Aerosol Training Course

Measurements of Atmospheric Aerosols: Aerosol Physics, Sampling and Measurement Techniques

From: 9 May 2009
To: 15 May 2009
Place: Hyytiälä Forest Station

The course will cover following aspects for atmospheric aerosol particles:
Physical, mechanical, and electrical properties, sampling, filters and impactors, size spectrometers, particle counters, nephelometer, absorption photometers, online mass measurements.

Note that this course is offered to participants with an advanced knowledge of atmospheric aerosols only. Beginners and those with limited knowledge should prior participate in the aerosol training course on aerosol physics, sampling and measurement techniques offered by GAWTEC on 22 March-4 April, 2009 at the Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus (Zugspitze mountain, Germany).

Deadline for applications: March 15, 2009

Prof. Dr. Kaarle Hämeri, University of Helsinki, Finland
Dr. Jean-Philippe Putaud, Joint Research Centre, Italy
Prof. Dr. Alfred Wiedensohler, Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research, Germany / GAW-World Calibration Centre for Aerosol Physics (WCCAP)

Target group:
This course is intended for PhD students, young scientists, and personnel from aerosol measuring stations involved in EUSAAR, EUCAARI, ACCENT, GAW, and EMEP.
The aerosol course is interactively taught in English. Good English in understanding and speaking is required.

The local expenses at Hyytiälä, including accommodation and travel in Finland are covered. Details on how to get to Hyytiälä and accommodation will be posted at a later stage.

The course is organized within the frame of the EU-projects EUSAAR, EUCAARI and ACCENT as well as the Nordic Graduate School “Biosphere-Carbon-Aerosol-Cloud- Climate Interactions” (CBACCI) and Nordic Master’s Degree Programme “Atmosphere-Biosphere-Studies” (ABS) in cooperation with Norfa Network on Atmospheric Aerosol Dynamics (NAD), iLEAPS and EMEP.

Send your application and requests for further information on course contents, travel and accommodation to [email protected]. The Application (max 1 page) should include:

- Full name (surname, last and middle names)
- Address (Institution or home address)
- Date of birth
- Male or female
- Affiliated university and supervisor
- Field of study (Meteorology, physics, chemistry, biology etc.)
- Status of studies (MSc, PhD, BSc)
- Short description of the applicant's role in EUSAAR, EUCAARI, ACCENT, GAW, and EMEP.

The announcement for the Aerosol measurement course can be downloaded here.