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2nd NA4 Absorption Photometer Intercomparison Workshop

From: 29 June 2009
To: 10 July 2009
Place: Leipzig, Germany

The 2nd EUSAAR absorption photometer workshop will build on and complement the work of the 2007 workshop. The focus will be on instrumental sensitivity to various chemical and physical particle compositions. The main goal is to determine the magnitude of the sensitivities and to develop means to correct for apparent absorption caused by scattering.


  1. Measuring loading-dependent response of absorption photometers to a) absorbing particles (carbon black, kerosene soot), b) scattering particles (ammonium sulfate), c) ambient air;
  2. Test of existing correction schemes for Aethalometer, PSAP, and MAAP;
  3. Developing new correction methods for Aethalometer, PSAP, MAAP.

Time schedule:

22-26 June Not compulsory for workshop participants
  • The instruments for the workshop are expected to arrive on June 22.
  • Technical checks of instruments (leak test, etc…).
  • Installing instruments, aerosol generators, and data acquisition.
29 June Kick-off meeting for all workshop participants.

29 June-
9 July
  • Performing experiments.
  • Preliminary data evaluation and discussion of experiments.
10 July Packing instruments.

Please download the outline of the absorption photometer workshop with details on the experimental setup.


Thomas Müller (IFT)
Bas Henzing (TNO)
Gerrit de Leeuw (TNO/FMI/UHEL)
Alfred Wiedensohler (IFT)