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NA2-6 Networking Meeting

From: 15 October 2007, 14:00
To: 19 October 2007, 13:00
Place: IFT Leipzig, Germany

The objectives of the Networking meeting are to summarize and evaluate the achievements during the first 18 months of the project in terms of instrumental harmonization and intercomparison campaigns, to discuss and evaluate the results of the individual NA workshops, to address the new aerosol data base, and to target publications of results and discuss future actions.

Registration:  For registration, please complete the on-line registration form.

  Extended deadline for registration: 15 Septembre 2007

Please note that participants who are neither EUSAAR Partner or Associates are requested to complete a separate application form. External participants are furthermore expected to support the project by becoming associated with EUSAAR. Details concerning EUSAAR Associates are available here.
Venue:  The workshop will be held at the Kubus conference center, Science Park Leipzig, Permoserstrasse 15, 04318 Leipzig, Germany, Tel: +49 341 235 2413, Fax: +49 341 235 2782, e-mail: [email protected]
Local Contact:  Heike Scherf, IFT, Permoserstrasse 15, 04318 Leipzig, Germany, Tel: +49 341 235 2274, Fax: +49-341 235 2361, [email protected].

Alfred Wiedensohler, IFT, Permoserstrasse 15, 04318 Leipzig, Germany, Tel: +49 341 235 2467, Fax: +49-341 235 2361, [email protected].
Programme:  The workshop will be organized into different sessions. The preliminary programme is as follows:

15/10 - NA2
16/10 NA6 NA3
17/10 NA3 NA3
18/10 NA5 + JRA3 NA4
19/10 NA4 -

  • Denuder testing at various EUSAAR sites: results.
  • EUSAAR_1 OCEC analytical protocol review and EUSAAR_2 OCEC analytical protocol discussion.
  • 1st OCEC round robin intercomparison conclusions and 2nd OCEC round robin intercomparison organisation.
  • Negative artefact assessement results from Ispra and plans for tests at other EUSAAR sites.

  • Harmonization of the SMPS systems by end of the year according to the new standard.
  • Final data evaluation and discussion of the results of the First EUSAAR CPC and SMPS Workshop including harmonization of the inversion routines.
  • Publication of the results.
  • Status of the extension of SMPS systems towards smaller particles.
  • Goals for the Second CPC and SMPS Workshop scheduled for March 16 to 28, 2008.

  • Final data evaluation and discussion of the results of the First EUSAAR Absorption Photometer and Nephelometer Workshop.
  • Publication of the results (2 articles: one absorption photometer, one nephelometer); Discussion of the drafts.
  • Goals and date for a second workshop.

  • New data base tool (operational starting September 2007).
  • Status of reported data (deadline October 1).
  • Quality of reported data.

  • Discussion of the improvement of the aerosol inlets based on the recommendations.
  • Discussion on the needs for aerosol drying systems.
  • Retrospect of the First and Second EUSAAR Aerosol Training Courses.
Accommodation:  Accommodation is reserved automatically with the on-line registration, unless otherwise specified.

Block reservation is made at the Comfort Hotel Leipzig-Taucha (rate for single room: 50 € p.P., breakfast incl.). For any questions, please contact Ms Heike Scherf.
Travel Info:  The IFT and the Kubus conference center are located at the Science Park Leipzig.

Access information is available here.

Download access map to Science Park Leipzig IFT.

Download detailed site map of IFT and Leipziger Kubus.
Local transport:  Access information from the Leipzig Airport / Railway Station to IFT and the hotel as well as a map of the local tramway is available here.
Leipzig Info:  http://www.leipzig.de/int/en/

http://www.Leipzig-plus.de/ (in German only)

http://www.lts-leipzig.de (in German only)