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Joint ACCENT/GAW - EUSAAR JRA2-HTDMA Intercomparison Meeting

From: 9 January 2007
To: 19 January 2007
Place: PSI, Switzerland

The first part of the HTDMA intecomparison workshop (Jan 9-15) will focus on experimental tests on primarily systems upgraded since the HTDMA intercalibration workshop in Leipzig in February 2006 (main aspects will concern the temperature/RH control of DMA2 as well as testing and evaluation of different RH-sensors.

The second part (Jan 16-18) will focus on evaluation of the results from the testing and other information to suggest best construction to be recommended for EUSAAR and for the EUSAAR HTDMA prototype.

Please contact H.C. Hansson. for participation and specify in which part of the workshop you intend to participate