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3rd General Assembly and 3rd Steering Committee/Advisory Board Meeting

From:4 March 2008
To:5 March 2008
Place:Sofia, Bulgaria

The 3rd EUSAAR Annual Meeting will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria on the following dates:

  • 3rd GA Meeting: March 4 (13:00) - March 5 (12:00)
  • 3rd SSC-AB Meeting: March 5 (13:00 - 18:00)
  • Excursion to BEO Moussala: March 6 (1-day trip)

The Programme, travel, and hotel information are listed below:


You must register to attend the meeting. For registration, please complete the on-line registration form.

  Deadline for registration is: 12 February 2008

Please note that the attendance of the first or second representative of each EUSAAR partner is required. If you are unable to attend, please communicate your nominated proxy among the list of authorized GA members.


The meeting will take place at the Best Western Hotel EXPO, 149 Tsarigradsko Shose, Sofia 1784, Bulgaria, Tel: +359 2 81781, Fax: +359 2 9743090.


Download the draft programme for the GA Meeting or SSC-AB Meeting.


Best Western Hotel EXPO,
149 Tsarigradsko Shose, Sofia 1784, Bulgaria,
Tel: +359 2 81781, Fax: +359 2 9743090, E-mail: [email protected].

Single room 60 € p.P., Double room 70 € p.P.(incl. breakfast).

For booking you must use the hotel reservation form provided here to benefit from the reduced rate. (If you reserve directly by phone, fax or email without using the reservation form you will have to pay the regular rate of 95€). The completed registration form should be sent by fax or email to the address indicated above.

Note that the block reservation is only held until
12 February 2008.


INRNE offers the possibilty of a 1-day trip to the BEO Moussala Basic Environmental Observatory (2971 m), or alternatively to the Borovetz Ski Resort.

Please note that participants must be in good physical condition to participate in the trip to BEO and should not experience any health problems. Participants must foresee a 1 hr winter hike at high altitude. Travel will be arranged by INRNE and includes four parts:
  1. 60 km from Sofia by (rented) bus to the winter resort Borovetz (1 hour 20 min).
  2. 20 min by cable car (lift) from Borovetz to Yastrebets - 2300 m asl.
  3. 30-40 min by tracking machine (caterpillar).
  4. 1 hr hike to BEO Moussala. The time depends on the weather conditions. This section is the most difficult part as the hike is in snow and is steep (there is a rope for support). Bring appropriate clothing (winter gear, hiking boots).

If you want to participate it is indispensable to indicate your interest upon online registration (see above). Lunch bags will be provided by the hotel.

Note that the caterpillar can only take a maximum of 12 people. The costs for the excursion (bus/lift/caterpillar) to BEO will be about 60 € per person and should be paid on site in BGL (Bulgarian Leva).

Alternatively, participants may also want to spend the day at the Borovetz Ski Resort. The costs for the bus trip depend on the number of participants and will be around 10 €.


A sightseeing tour in Sofia will be organized to interested participants at 9:30 on March 6 (alternatively to the excursion to BEO Moussala or to the Borovetz Ski Resort, see above). Please indicate your interest upon registration in order to make the necessary arrangements.

Local contact:

For any questions or logistic details please contact Peter Ivanov ([email protected]) or Ivo Kalapov ([email protected]), Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (INRNE), Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 72, Tsarigradsko chaussee blvd, 1784, Sofia, Bulgaria. Tel: +359 2 974 63 10, Fax: +359 2 975 36 19.


Lunch will be served at the hotel. Different options exist:

  • "Working lunches" served near the conference room (simple dish with fish or ham - 13 € or sandwiches - 11€, both incl dessert, drinks and coffee); or
  • Choice of different lunch meals served in the hotel restaurant (meat or chicken or fish or vegetables - 20-25 €).

The type of lunch will have to be indicated upon online registration (see above). Lunch may be payed together with the hotel invoice upon departure.

A common dinner will be organized in the evening of March 4 in a traditional Bulgarian restaurant (20-25 €) at 15 min walking distance from the hotel. Note that you must register to participate (see above).

Travel info and
local transport:

Travel from the airport to the hotel takes about 20 min. The fare should be less than 10 €. Be prepared to pay in local currency!


The currency used in Bulgaria is the Lev(a) (BGL). The approximate exchange rate for 1 € is 1.97 BGL (1 BGL ~ 0.51 €). Note that the exchange rate at the airport is lower. You can use the bankomat at the hotel to obtain local money or exchange directly at a bank in Sofia.

Other info:

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